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REUNYTE and recover

All Natural Recovery

Reunyte is a powerful, all-natural recovery drink for the serious athlete. Reunyte uses a blend of Chinese herbs, full-spectrum hemp oil, and electrolytes that work together to reduce inflammation, increase recovery and boost performance.

Proven Ingredients

Every ingredient in Reunyte is clinically proven and effectively dosed for maximum results from just one can.

Reunyte and Recover

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REUNYTE | Natural Recovery Drink
  • Adaptogens

    Reunyte uses adaptogenic herbs to help boost your bodies natural ability to process stress.

  • Electrolytes

    Reunyte uses coconut water and a clinical dose of electrolytes to ensure you are hydrated.

  • Full Spectrum Hemp

    Reunyte is made with full-spectrum hemp oil to help soothe inflammation and boost your recovery.

  • Organic Ingredients

    Reunyte's ingredients are 95% organic.


It tasted great and I felt amazing, I am now a believer.

This is my new favourite thing after a workout, refreshing and I swear I am less sore.

I am obsessed with Reunyte! I love that its got organic and natural ingredients and still tastes great.

I tried this for a week of workouts and now I can't go back. I actually drink it during the workouts and it helps me stay present.